TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners

Trillium Belt Cleaners are engineered to provide superior conveyor cleaning, offering a range of benefits that contribute to efficient and reliable conveyor system performance.

Here are key features of TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners:

Key Features:

  1. Superior Conveyor Cleaning:
  • TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners excel in efficiently removing material residue from conveyor belts, ensuring a clean and unobstructed material flow.
  • Reduces Belt Maintenance:
  • By effectively cleaning the conveyor belt, TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners contribute to reducing the need for frequent belt maintenance, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.
  • Tougher Durometer Rating:
  • The belt cleaners are designed with a tougher durometer rating, enhancing their durability and performance in challenging operating conditions.
  • Easily Installed:
  • TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners are designed for easy installation, streamlining the integration process into existing conveyor systems.
  • Longer Wearing, Tougher Urethane Blade:
  • The belt cleaners feature a urethane blade with an extended lifespan and enhanced toughness, ensuring prolonged and effective cleaning.
  • Competitively Priced:
  • TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners offer a competitive pricing structure, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance.
  • No Maintenance Needed:
  • These belt cleaners require minimal to no maintenance, contributing to a hassle-free operation and reducing overall operational costs.
  • Longer Dependable Life:
  • With their durable construction and effective cleaning capabilities, TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners deliver a longer dependable life, enhancing the longevity of the conveyor system.
  • Premium Customer Service:
  • TRILLIUM is committed to providing premium customer service, ensuring that clients receive the support and assistance they need for optimal belt cleaner performance.


  • Efficient Material Handling: TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners facilitate efficient material handling by ensuring a clean and unobstructed conveyor belt.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced belt maintenance, longer blade life, and competitive pricing contribute to cost savings for the overall conveyor system operation.
  • Reliability: The tougher durometer rating and longer dependable life enhance the reliability of TRILLIUM Belt Cleaners in various operational environments.

Trillium Belt Cleaners stand out as a reliable and cost-effective solution, addressing the challenges associated with conveyor belt cleaning and maintenance.

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