PROMAT provides a full range of services to meet the needs of its customers and prioritizes customer care.

Design and Engineering

Leveraging the latest cutting-edge software and hardware, our engineering team can swiftly and precisely implement changes and modifications.

Field Service

PROMAT is equipped with factory-trained service personnel ready to restore your operations swiftly and efficiently.

Commissioning Services

We provide installation services along with our expertise in commissioning.

Installation Services

Whether you require guidance during installation or seek comprehensive assembly services, we've got you covered.

Material Tests

PROMAT's test lab is ready to evaluate your material characteristics, identifying the most effective methods for feeding and conveying.

Installation Supervision

With our expertise, we ensure your personnel stays on the right path.

Complete System Controls

Our electrical engineering and panel assembly services are of the highest quality.

Repair and Refurbishing of Equipment

We offer repair and refurbishing services to maximize the value of your current capital investments.

Turnkey Operations

PROMAT, backed by a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technological capabilities to manage every aspect of your project, regardless of size, bringing you peace of mind.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide.

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