Weighbelt Feeders

MERRICK ensures accuracy and reliability in material handling with their Weighbelt Feeders. These feeders are designed to provide precise and consistent results, offering long-term accuracy and repeatability. No matter the specific type of belt feeder you need, MERRICK equipment guarantees accuracy and reliability in your results. We back our expertise with tangible proof, offering testing services to demonstrate the capability of our products in handling and precisely metering the designated material. Designed for long-term accuracy, consistency, and repeatability, our equipment excels in the performance of weigh feeders and conveyor belt scales, ensuring the dependability and precision required for your operations.

Here are key points about MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders:

Key Features:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability:
  • MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders are engineered to deliver high accuracy and reliability in material metering and handling. This is essential for applications where precise control of material flow is critical.
  • Testing and Expertise:
  • MERRICK offers clients proof of their expertise and a commitment to performance. They provide testing to demonstrate the capability of their equipment in handling and accurately metering specific materials.
  • Long-Term Performance:
  • The design of MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders focuses on long-term accuracy, consistency, and repeatability. This ensures sustained performance over extended periods, contributing to reliable material handling processes.


  • Proof of Expertise: MERRICK stands behind their products by offering proof of expertise and conducting testing to showcase the capability of their equipment.
  • Long-Term Accuracy: The emphasis on long-term accuracy, consistency, and repeatability is crucial for the reliable performance of weigh feeders and conveyor belt scales.
  • Material Handling Confidence: Clients can have confidence in the handling and metering of materials, knowing that MERRICK equipment is designed to meet high standards of accuracy and reliability.

Application Flexibility:

MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders are versatile and can be applied to various industries, including manufacturing, mining, and more. They are suitable for applications where precise measurement and control of material flow are paramount.

Collaborative Solution Building:

MERRICK collaborates with clients to understand their specific material handling requirements. This collaborative approach ensures that MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each application. For more detailed information about MERRICK Weighbelt Feeders and how they can enhance the accuracy and reliability of your material handling processes, please contact PROMAT. Our team is dedicated to providing advanced solutions for your material metering and handling needs.

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