Vacuum Conveying Systems by Volkmann

Volkmann’s pneumatic vacuum conveyors stand as a hallmark of high-quality, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of various materials, from fine food powders and chemicals to granules, pellets, tablets, and small components. Operated under vacuum conditions in lean, dense phase, or plug flow modes, these conveyors excel in preserving material integrity without causing damage or abrasion.  

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Material Handling:
  • Capable of transporting materials ranging from nano-sized particles and fine dust (0.1 µm) to larger items like tablets, candy, or bottle caps.
  • Negative Pressure Operation:
  • Operates with negative pressure below atmospheric conditions, contributing to a clean production environment and preventing material escape.
  • Effective for Various Materials:
  • Handles a wide range of materials, including highly abrasive powders, mixtures, and light filling materials with low bulk density, as well as metal powders used in 3D printing.
  • User-Friendly and Safe:
  • User-friendly systems ensure safe, static free material transfer, easy aspiration of materials, and dust-free loading of machines.
  • Hygienic Design:
  • Optimizes hygiene conditions, meeting the stringent requirements of the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries.
  • Reliable Filter Systems:
  • Incorporates reliable filter systems in GMP quality to maintain a clean and controlled conveying environment.
  • Modular Design for Customization:
  • Modular components allow for customized modifications to suit individual applications, adapting to the unique needs of each material being conveyed.
  • Quick Delivery Times:
  • The modular design enables quick delivery times for standard vacuum conveyors.

Performance Metrics:

  • Conveying Capacities:
  • Ranges from 100 lbs/h up to 3.5 t/h (max. 12 t/h).
  • Conveying Distances:
  • Typical distances include 45 ft horizontally and 30 ft vertically (max realized 300 ft horizontal distance + 100 ft height).

Additional Benefits:

  • Low Energy Consumption:
  • Efficient operation with low energy consumption, contributing to cost-effective performance.
  • Trials and Demonstrations:
  • Offers pneumatic vacuum conveying trials and demonstrations on-site or in their U.S. test facility to analyze specific material handling tasks.

Volkmann’s commitment to safety, reliability, and customization makes their pneumatic vacuum conveyors, a preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance material handling efficiencies while maintaining the integrity of their products.
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