Storage Silos (Bolted and Welded)

Meridian takes pride in delivering the most economical and efficient smooth skin storage tanks tailored to your specific needs. Our storage silos are designed to be completely self-cleaning, eliminating obstructions that could trap contaminants. Powder coated for superior durability, Meridian ensures longevity and reliability in every storage solution. We collaborate with you to accommodate your unique storage handling system requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Self-Cleaning Design: Meridian storage silos feature a self-cleaning design with no obstructions, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning cycles that prevent the trapping of contaminants.
  2. Powder Coated Durability: The storage tanks are powder coated to provide superior durability, offering protection against corrosion and environmental factors, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Storage Versatility:

Meridian offers a comprehensive range of storage solutions to meet diverse needs:

  • Light Granular and Liquid Silos: A full line of silos designed for the storage of light granular materials and liquids.
  • Heavy Industrial Tanks: Robust industrial tanks designed to accommodate the storage of heavy and free-flowing commodities.

Safety and Convenience:

  • Gravity Cleanout: Meridian’s storage silos are designed with gravity-driven cleanout features, ensuring a safe and easy process. The discharge options are tailored to fit your specific handling and conveying systems.

Dependable Engineering:

  • Design and Heavy Steel Components: Meridian’s design and heavy steel components are engineered for dependable, maintenance-free storage. The focus on reliability ensures that your storage system operates efficiently with minimal maintenance requirements.

Collaborative Approach:

Meridian works closely with clients to understand their storage needs and design solutions that align with their unique requirements. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and convenience in every storage solution we provide. For more information about Meridian’s storage silos and to explore how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs, please contact PROMAT.

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