Rotoflo Silo Discharge Unit

In 2020, Severfield acquired the rights to the patented Rotoflo silo discharge unit from Portasilo, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of silo discharge and material handling solutions. With over a decade of proven performance, the Rotoflo has established itself as a unique and market-leading silo discharge unit.

Key Points:

  1. Proven Performance:
  • The Rotoflo silo discharge unit has a distinguished track record, with more than a decade of proven performance in the field. Its reliability and effectiveness have set it apart as a leader in silo discharge solutions.
  • Acquisition by Severfield:
  • Severfield’s acquisition of the rights to the Rotoflo unit in 2020 reflects a strategic move to enhance its product offerings and strengthen its position in the market.
  • Continuous Development and Improvement:
  • Since its acquisition, Severfield has actively pursued the continuous development and improvement of the Rotoflo silo discharge unit. This commitment ensures that the technology remains at the forefront of silo discharge solutions.
  • Leader in Technology:
  • The Rotoflo unit holds a prominent position as a leader in silo discharge and material handling solutions technology. Its unique design and capabilities contribute to its market-leading status.

Purpose and Functionality:

The Rotoflo silo discharge system serves as a crucial solution for silos and hoppers. Its primary purpose is to prevent powder flow problems and material bridging during storage. By doing so, it guarantees a reliable, consistent, and controlled rate of discharge.


  • Preventing Flow Issues: The Rotoflo unit actively prevents challenges associated with powder flow and material bridging, ensuring a smooth and reliable discharge process.
  • Reliability: With a focus on continuous development, the Rotoflo remains a reliable solution for consistent material handling in silos and hoppers.
  • Controlled Discharge Rate: The unit provides a controlled rate of discharge, offering precision and predictability in material flow.

Severfield’s commitment to advancing and refining the Rotoflo silo discharge unit underscores its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for material handling challenges. For more information about the Rotoflo or questions about your application, please contact PROMAT.

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