Bulk Bag Fillers by NBE

At NBE (National Bulk Equipment, Inc.), our Bulk Bag Fillers are meticulously engineered to guarantee safe, accurate, and efficient bulk bag filling. This commitment holds true irrespective of the bulk bag style, the material characteristics of the process, or the required fill rate. Our fillers are tailored to meet the specific performance requirements of each application, ensuring optimal results.  

Key Features:

  • Versatility in Bulk Bag Styles: NBE Bulk Bag Fillers are designed to accommodate various bulk bag styles, providing flexibility for different applications and industries.
  • Material Characteristics: Regardless of the unique characteristics of your process materials, our fillers are engineered to handle them with precision, ensuring consistency in every fill.
  • Customized Performance: Each filler is designed to meet the specific performance requirements of your application. This customization ensures that the filling process aligns seamlessly with your operational needs.

Functional Design:

  • Bulk Bag Filler Bases: Our filler bases are equipped to receive and, if necessary, densify bulk bags on slipsheets or pallets. This design feature enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the filling process.

Integration Capabilities:

NBE Bulk Bag Filling Systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with NBE indexing and accumulation conveyors. This integration significantly improves both upstream and downstream process performance, contributing to an optimized and streamlined workflow.

Visual Reference:

For an in-depth visual exploration of our Bulk Bag Fillers, please refer to the FILES section for product pages featuring detailed photos.

Note: While we don’t currently offer a physical brochure, the comprehensive details and visual references provided in the FILES section aim to serve as an informative resource for our Bulk Bag Filler products.

For more information or help with your specific application, please contact PROMAT. For more information about NBE Bulk Bag Fillers, please click here.

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