PEA Vibra Hopper / Bin Activator




  • Heavy Duty Vertical-Flow Material Mover

  • Efficient

  • Rugged

  • Proven

  • Eliminates problems including Bridging, Rat-holing and Classification


Vibra-Hopper Installation  
  The Vibra-Hopper which is built with heavy-duty construction requires little maintenance and all items that will ever require maintenance are on the exterior of the unit so there is no need to enter the interior of the silo or hopper to which the unit is mounted.  

    VH Series Bin Activator Brochure

PROMAT + PEA Bin Activator Brochure.pdf  

The Vibra-Hopper series of hoppers provide a highly effective mechanism to allow dry bulk solids, (granular materials) to discharge reliably from storage silos, bins and hoppers.  Fine materials which normally pack or bridge will flow freely when using a Vibra-Hopper.

  Stainless Steel Food Grade Vibra-Hopper 
  A primary component of the Vibra-Hopper is the integral pressure cone which provides consistent flow and improves the mass flow characteristics of the handled material.
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