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PROMAT Engineering Sales (2003) Inc.

Toll Free: (877) 567-7819

PROMAT is a service-oriented company providing industry with custom bulk material handling equipment.

At PROMAT we take pride in providing quality customer service and support. Our engineering/management staff devote a high percentage of their time to personal attention of orders, field service, and engineering equipment that will meet the client’s application, rather than selling standardized products that may or may not be suitable to the customer’s requirements.


:: Sales


PROMAT has a complete line of material handling products, which are integrated into the ‘complete package’ design.

These products range from:

  • Dust Free Retractable Loading Spouts

  • Vaculoaders

  • Weigh Belt Feeders

  • Loss-in-Weight Feeders

  • Volumetric Feeders

  • Industrial Blowers

  • Rotary Valves

  • Diverter Valves

  • Belt Cleaners

  • Vibrating Bin Dischargers

  • Vibrating Feeders and Conveyors

  • Air Sweeps

  • Air Slides

  • Tumble Blenders

  • Storage silos


:: Services


  • Design and engineering
  • Equipment field service
  • Equipment Installation Supervision and Commissioning
  • Turn Key Operation


:: Engineering and Design


PROMAT’s engineering department is fully computerized, taking advantage of today’s advanced software and hardware. The engineering staff, utilizing CAD can make changes and modifications rapidly and accurately.


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